Friday, February 09, 2007


I was recently asked how I make the top-knots that are shown on the hoods in this demo.
It is a very simple, yet effective knot, but I can see how its construction might be easier if a person saw how it was done first. So this is just a quick pictorial demonstration on it.

((A pair of hemostats will make this process MUCH easier))First off, you start by cutting 3 slots in the hood (where ever you want the top knot to be)

Then you need a strip of leather with a hole punched in the middle.

pull the ends of the strip through the outer slits and into the "hood" sorry I had to do this with leather scraps! Make sure the rough side of the strip is up and that the hole lines up with the middle slit.

Now pull both ends up through the middle slit and the hole. (The finished sides will both be pointing out now.)

This is where the look comes from, punch a hole at the bottom of the back tab and pull the front tab through it. It will look different if you start with the back tab through the front......I prefer the later.....

Then do the same thing over and over again alernating the tab that gets punched....until you like what you see!

A little water and some burnishing will smooth out any imperfections you encounter.