Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jakes Pics

You know they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And I swear I can look at these photos and the memories just start flowing like a river! I I know that it takes a falconer to truley appreciate a hawking photo. And ever so often I have to jump on my ol computer and start digging through old folders just to re-remember past outings again.
I really enjoy taking and having photos of the things I enjoy, but all to often I neglect to bring a camera along.....or simply forget to use it! So if your reading this.....dont forget to take your camera along next time your out hawking, and dont forget to use it. Good Hawking.
Jake on his block - 2006

Jake's ride - 2006

Jake hunting a cotton field - 2006.

Jake on the lure,,,keeping an eye on the dog!

Jake on a Rabbit at Elk Lake - 2005 .

Jake on a fox squirrel in Edmond - 2005

Me and Jake ready for some fun! - 2005

Jake and Pete after a succesful rabbit flight - 2005

Jake on a cottontail - 2005

Jake on a rabbit at Elk Lake - 2005

Jake with another bunny - 2005

Me and Jake after a good day of hawking - 2005

Hawking at Calumet - Dec. 2005