Sunday, December 03, 2006

About Me

My name is Chris Kimble, I am 26 and I live in a little town called Hydro in Western Oklahoma. I currently work for Kodak in Weatherford, OK as a coater assistant working swing shift, which unfortunately has limited my "fun time" as of late. I developed an interest in raptors at a very young age, and spent most of my childhood searching for falconry literature. I obtained my falconry license when I was 16 and began what I consider to be a very fulfilling journey through the sport.
During my apprenticeship I flew passage redtails, much like any other apprentice. But instead of branching out into other species after my first two years I stuck with the redtails and I still fly them today. I have flown some harris hawks and a couple of falcons along the way, and Im sure I will fly many more, but I will always have a perch in my mews for a redtail!

Growing up in Western Oklahoma, I was lucky enough to have a family that was full of avid hunters and fishermen. I soon began finding my own style in these hobbies and took up many forms of hunting and fishing. Among my favorites are bowhunting and flyfishing. I also spent many winters running trap lines with my brother, and running dogs on a variety of furbearers.
My other hobbies include drawing and painting wildlife, something that I find great satisfaction in. I dable with music as well and have always liked to have some kind of music played as loud as I can stand it while I do the things I do! I have a love for most birds and over the years I have kept a variety of pigeons, quail, ducks and chickens as well as various caged birds.

A while back I started a project that stemed from another childhood passion of mine.....Snakes! As a youngster I would collect the local reptiles to stash in my aray of jars and aquariums. And today I now have a large collection of tropical constrictors ranging from ball pythons to reticualted pythons. While I enjoy most species of snakes I have found the colombian boa constrictor to be my favorite and I focus most of my efforts on keeping and breeding them. A nice plus to this project for me is the fact that my business partner is also my father and the snakes give us an opportunity to share something we both enjoy and allow us to spend more time together. If you would like to check out our snake website please visit this link